Happy Birthday to all those celebrating their birthday in October – I just happen to be one of these very lucky people! October has two birthstone choices. The traditional one is Opal and in 1952 The Jewellery Industry Council in America introduced the Pink Tourmaline. People have also adopted the use of Tourmaline in general so this gives a wonderful rainbow of choice as tourmaline can be found colourless, red, yellow, brown, green blue, violet black and multi-coloured!

The Opal is the National Gemstone of Australia and we are the world’s most important source of opal. The very special characteristics of this stone are their “opalescence” which is a rainbow like iridescence which changes with the angle of observation, created by tiny spheres of cristabolite in siliceous jelly. Opal requires a great deal of care by the jeweller creating the piece and by the wearer but it can be turned into the most amazing jewellery.

I was introduced to opal at quite a young age through Colin Thiele’s book ‘The Fire in the Stone’, a beautiful story set in the opal fields in South Australia.


Depazzi Large Boulder Opal pendant set with Diamond bale in 18ct gold suspended on Coral and Turquoise choker.

Tourmaline is a relatively hard stone and with so many colour variations it is very popular in the jewellery industry. Some of the most productive deposits are found in Sri Lanka, Brazil and Mozambique. Some colour changes are created with heat .

Pink tourmaline and diamond earrings.